Do you have a Life Insurance Policy that hasn't been reviewed independently for more than 12 Months?
Do you have children who are dependant on you?
Do you have a mortgage?
Are you retired and don't have anything set aside for your funeral plan?
Can you be sure you won't be struck down suddenly with an illness or accident, therefore affecting your ability to work?
If you answered "YES" to any of the previous questions, ask for a Free Life Cover Review

You could improve the amount of your cover or reduce the monthly cost of your cover. As our partners only advise on Guaranteed Premiums, this means that the monthly cost of your premium remains the same throughout the term of your cover.
Why Review?

First of all and most important we can ensure the policy you currently have is the right policy for you.

We can save you money, get you more cover for the cost of any existing premiums and if you don't have any cover you will be getting the best advice available by one of our specialist advisors. Just like with any insurance there is always a better deal and our insurance partners know where to look for it.
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